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The Box

4200 SEK

Note: The picture is only the prototype and more pictures and info will be up shortly.

The box is mainly meant for box squats hence the many different heights, but can also be used for silver dollar deadlifts if you got two boxes.
Purchase one including one cusion. Additional cusions and/or rubber mat for the deadlifts can be purchased separately.

Got questions or want a quote including freight cost, please email: contact@rga.nu


- Weight: 10 kg.
- Dimensions, without cushion: L 44 x W 44 x H 27-40 cm.
- Dimensions, with one cushion: L 44 x W 44 x H 32-45,5 cm.
- Metal thickness, tubes: 4 mm.
- Metal thickness, plate: 6 mm.
- Cushion (removable): L 42,5 x W 42,5 x H 5,5 cm.
- Max load: 1500 kg.
- Color, Box: Raw (special paint on demand).
- Color, cushion: Black (special color on demand).
 - Made in Sweden.


- Cushion: 5 months.
- Welding: 5 years.
- Only for indoor use.
- The warranty does not cover normal wear.

Payment by invoice
Email us at contact@rga.nu.
Just send an email to get a quotation!

Standard shipping cost, US: ~350 USD (door-airport), excluding import fee's.
Standard shipping cost, EU: ~150 EUR (door-door)