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The Seal Row

6900 SEK

This bench is ideal for the seal row, which is an amazing assistance exercise for the bench press as well as being a fantastic exercise to build explosive strength and mid-back muscle. The movement is also great for good posture and to prevent injuries.

The bench can be adjusted into as many as 18 different heights and numerous different angles. The lock screw and wide feet makes the bench firm and steady.


- Weight: 28 kg.
- Dimensions: L 123 x W 64,5 x H 54-92 cm.
- Metal thickness: 4 mm.
- Max load: 700 kg.
- Color: Raw (special paint on demand).
- Made in Sweden.


- Cushion: 5 months.
- Welding: 5 years.
- Only for indoor use.
- The warranty does not cover normal wear.

Payment by invoice
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Standard shipping cost, EU: ~250 EUR (door-door)